4.2.1 node (docker) consistently runs behind roughly 70 blocks

As the title says…one of my nodes (Concordium Dashboard) runs behind 70 blocks or so, and never truly catches up.

As an aside: yes, 4.2.1 seems quicker in startup, but much, much slower in getting to a caught up state (took 5-6 days, compared to 2-3 days for previous versions).

I see many lines in the logs like:

2022-07-22T18:17:00.399372805Z: WARN: Couldn't process a finalization message from peer 0000000000001ad7 due to error code InvalidResult

Those messages are usually there when your node is behind and messages for unknown finalization sessions arrive.

Your symptoms are typically an indication that the system time is not correct. A node will not process blocks that are more than 30s in the future.

Could you run date inside the container and compare it with real current time and see if they match?

Thanks for your reply. The time in the container matches real current time.

It seems to have resolved itself? it’s now running again up to date.

My best guess would be that you had very bad peers. How long this did state of being behind for 70 blocks last?

3-4 days? A very long time.