Android wallet problem

Hi. I have installed concordium wallet for android. I have tried to create an account and somehow got stuck when i had to take a photo of an id document. The page seems to be frozen, nothing works when i get there. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Craze2007

This usually happens when your camera itself is open or if your camera is in use in other apps. Could you please close your camera and other apps that might use at the moment and then try again in our app?

The camera isn’t opened in background or anything. I have restarted the phone and the same thing happens. When i get to the page to take photo the screen is frozen and nothing works.
Any more suggestions?

Hi @Craze2007,

The Submit license page is actually a website that is being loaded within the app using your browser. Could you check whether the website has permission to use the camera?

If it isn’t a permission problem, you could also try reinstalling the app.

Also, which brand and model is your phone, and what is the version of Android?

Looking forward to your response,
— Kasper


Thank you for your help. The bloody chrome wasn’t allowed to use the camera. Everything sorted, kyc done and waiting for response.
Again, thanks for helping.

Best regards

That sounds great @Craze2007. I am closing this topic with the solution provided by @Kasper.