Baker file location is removed from config on Windows node when upgrading node


When upgrading the node software on Windows from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 (probably other versions to) your node configuration file is being reset (sort of) so if you have added it as a Baker node then it wont be a baker node when starting up after a upgrade.

This line baker_credentials = ‘C:\path\to\baker-credentials.json’ for this file C:\ProgramData\Concordium\Node Runner\config.toml from this guide Run a baker node on Windows — Concordium documentation is removed after upgrade so it needs to be manually added back again and your node will show up as a Baker again.

You will see this on the dashboard, it will state “Not a member” on the baker section if your config is missing this line after a upgrade.

Hi beejay,

Thanks a lot for letting us know.