Block for use and receive on account


is there any way to block selected accounts from sending CCD to my own account?

Hello NHS

A smart contract can be programmed to include a list of blocked addresses, and any transactions sent from one of those addresses will be automatically rejected by the contract.
For example, a smart contract for a decentralized exchange (DEX) could be programmed to block any addresses that have been flagged as suspicious or involved in fraudulent activity. Any transactions sent from those addresses would be automatically rejected by the smart contract, preventing the funds from being transferred, or any similar solution would do it.

Another way of blocking accounts is to use the blockchain protocol itself, but It is not possible, and we do not have in plans to implement it at the moment.

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Yes in Smart Contracts you can do blocking and other stuff you need for different use cases. It was the protocol or per-account blocking I was not sure about. Thanks for making thin clear.

Can you send link to the documentation about the flagging of accounts? Thanks.

We do not have written example of that you just asked, unfortunately.

Okay - let us close this for now

Do you have a list of possible flags that potentially can be set on accounts and/or identities? I guess the main purpose would be warnings to smart contracts, or maybe there is more to flags

There are no flags that can be set on accounts at present.

There are implicitly two restrictions on accounts.

  • an account with multiple credentials cannot receive or send encrypted transfers
  • an account with non-zero encrypted balance cannot have multiple credentials.

That’s the only limitations accounts have.

Thanks for the update