Can an account be used on both mainnet and testnet?


I’m currently playing around with smart contract and Rust. I’m soon gonna need to try and push something on to the testnet which will require some test GTUs as I understand it.
I have tried several times to create an account with the mobile wallet as suggested for this, but the identity part of it seems to fail every time - and since I don’t really feel that confident sending all this personal info to an entity I really don’t know much about, I have stopped pursuing this.

I do however know of someone who already has an existing account with real GTU on it.
So my question is: Could this account be used with the testnet by being given some test GTUs to work with or would real GTU and test GTU get mixed up? - that latter would be really bad since that would make my development and testing spend real GTUs.

Accounts on mainnet and testnet are completely distinct and it is not possible for an account on mainnet to hold testnet GTU or vice-versa. There are separate mainnet and testnet versions of the wallet applications for managing accounts and identities on each chain.

If you use the “Concordium testnet IP” to create an identity on testnet, you do not need to provide real identity information. Testnet accounts can request a GTU drop (2000 GTU per account, and you can create multiple accounts if you need to) so that you can get started. If the process is failing, then we’d need to know a bit more detail about what you’re experiencing to help you out.

Ok, I read in another of your replies somewhere that I should use the mobile wallet if I wanted to request GTUs on the testnet.
But it is the mobile wallet I’m trying to use and I don’t see where I can do anything other than create an identity and account the normal way.
Where would I set this Concordium testnet IP?

If you are only seeing Notabene when creating an identity, then you are most likely using the wallet for mainnet. As Thomas said, there is a separate app for testnet, and it is available on

When creating an identity in this app, you can choose the “Concordium testnet IP”, where you don’t need to enter your personal information.

Aha! sorry, I must have missed that - thanks.

Like previous posts on the subject, I also can’t find where in the wallet I can request GTU drop - I believe I have clicked on every button, link and whatever else that looks like it can be clicked, but I don’t see it anywhere.

account: 3PHLj6j6YyqHVF3hXjqg5zeKHzZVQgCuaAZSaGo4TN5EXpaFUJ

If you enter the accounts page, and press the balance on your new account:

You will see the overview of your transfers, and in the testnet version, on a new account, the GTU drop button appears:

Ah! I only had hit the account I guess which expanded the account balance info but not the buttons.