Can someone help what to enter in "Enter password for credential with index 0 and signing key with index 0:"

There are two things I have to enter

  1. The password for my wallet and
  2. not able to understand / from where i can get it ??

I assume that you exported your accounts from a mobile wallet and imported them with the concordium-client tool. In that case, the password will be the same password that you used on the file when you exported it from the mobile wallet.

Yes its true

What is signing key and how can i get it from my imported wallet…?
Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Account signatures use the Ed25519 signature scheme, so the signing key is a secret key in that scheme. An account can have multiple credentials associated with it, and each credential can have multiple keys, although typically accounts have a single credential with a single key. For concordium-client, the imported account keys are stored under $HOME/.config/concordium/accounts (Linux/MacOS) or %APPDATA%\concordium\accounts (Windows) with each being stored at <account address>/<credential>/keypair<n>.json. In the file, the secret key is AES-encrypted using the password determined when importing the account.