CIS2 token visualisation

Hi, in the roadmap for CCDScan it is included that CIS2 token visualisation should be released Q1 2023. Do you know the release date?

Plus: will the solution include a direct web link to view CIS2 token

We don’t have a specific release date at the moment. Smart contract functionality is being developed at the moment, and some token display has been developed already, but it’s not quite there yet.

What do you mean a “direct link to view”? You mean view the metadata?

Something like for transactions: CCDScan

So it is possible to link directly to the token display online

It could be something like this: “” that will then display for the given token

Hi support, any update on the direct link option, and also the release date? we plan to use this in one of our Apps.

Hi, do you have the release date ready for the token visualization on ccdscan?

Since there is no feedback on this topic, please close and we will check the release notes when available

Sorry about the lack of reply. I was hoping to share news when the ccdscan was updated.

You can see some token visualisation now CCDScan

but the there are some bugs so it does not always work at the moment.

Thank you for the update. Looks good so far. Looking forward to mainnet.

In the url for CCDScan is it possible to specific to view for specific token or index? In the example the view is for all tokens per account

I don’t think that is possible at the moment.

I understand you are asking for a page where details of a token are listed, not tied to any account.

Yes direct link to specific token. Once you have the release date for main net please update. Thanks

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Btw, what programming language is CCDScan developed in?

The frontend is typescript using Vue. The backend is mainly C#

I’m working on exactly that for Concordium Explorer. Being able to view tokens using a fixed url scheme including displaying the metadata for both mainnet and Testnet.

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