Concordium Wallet 1.0.0 (15) for Android, for Testnet and Mainnet

Concordium introduces a new wallet for Android mobile devices: the Concordium Wallet for Android. It offers all of the same functionality you know from the old wallet, such as sending and receiving CCDs, delegation, baking, and so on. But the Concordium Wallet uses a secret recovery phrase to generate your private keys, simplifying any restoration of an account should you lose access to the phone/app. It also supports easy portability of accounts between this and the soon to be released Concordium Wallet for Chrome.

In connection with this new wallet, the old Android mobile wallet previously known as Concordium Mobile Wallet has been renamed Concordium Legacy Wallet. You can read about the new Concordium Wallet and the differences between it and the old Concordium Legacy Wallet in the FAQ.

Please note that it might take several hours for the newly released apps to appear in your GooglePlay store.