Error: Could not parse embedded schema or exports from module

What does the error mean?
This only occurs with 1 module. All other modules can be inspected.

concordium-client --grpc-ip module inspect e3df719661f870abb5d9120c29f7c16dbca4506d42ab6d0e81899a3eeaf97393
Error: Could not parse embedded schema or exports from module:
       Too few bytes
       From:	demandInput

It means that the client you are using does not yet support the new schema.

We have introduced the new schema for smart contracts that is not yet part of the released concordium-client.

If you really need it, you can just build concordium-client from the current main and it should be able to parse the module.

Ah ok. I’ll wait.

On another note: instance are addressed by index and subindex. This seems to be an ever increasing number (the index), while the subindex is always 0.

My question: can the state of an instance be modified? Ie if I download the state of all instances today, should I worry tomorrow only about new instances, or can existing instances have a different state tomorrow?

The state and the amount of CCD an instance owns can change by the “Update” transaction. Everything else will stay the same.

At the current protocol the subindex will always be 0. It is there to support potential future use.

@abizjak I’m getting the same warning/error when initialising a contract. When can we expect a new released version of concordium-client?

We expect to release the new cargo-concordium, concordium-client and the updated smart contract libraries this Thursday.

Great, will wait for the new client version then. Thank you :slight_smile:

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