How do I verify the node is successfully start and connected? Concordium client: user error (account 3SFuj** not found)

After importing and wanted to deploy a piggy_bank_part2.wasm module, it return with an error…
concordium-client: user error (account ‘3SFujpvPeeiRD1WuHewY1UXyrdH8CL3DDSh99e6dLxP4pbhKtq’ not found)

This account exists on testnet CCDScan

Are you sure your node is caught up? Perhaps you can explain the steps you took in more detail

How do I verify the node is successfully start and connected?
Could this be because the node is not connected or what, cause nothing has been reading in testnet dashboard though when I start the node.

This error could occur if you node is not connected.

You can check the state of your node using the concordium-client consensus show command.

You can then compare the block height you see there with the height you see on the network dashboard

The block height haven’t even started displaying on the dash board yet, did it use to take time to display when running the node the first time?

If you have configured it that way then the node should be visible quickly after it starts on the network dashboard.

what is the normal configuration may be am missing something ?

What distibution are you running?

am using node 4.5.0-0
what the proper configuration before i start concondium node service?

On testnet you need to have node version 5.0.6, otherwise you will not be able to catchup.

You need to tell me which distribution (docker, ubuntu,mac, windows) you are using in order for me to give details of the configuration.