How to recover my account with a private key, without seed phrase?


I have concordium iOS wallet and Android wallet.
As the legacy wallet recommend to use new wallet, I would like to move to new app.
When I tried to recover my wallet on new app, it requires seed phrase.
But, I don’t have seed phrase, what I only have is private key(and its password).

How can I recover my wallet on new mobile app with only private key?

Hello Jiyu

A new ID and account must be created for the new seed-phrase wallet. Once created, funds from the Legacy wallet can be transferred to the new seed-phrase wallet. The same 24 seed-phrases can also be used in the browser wallet extension later on.

That means you can use the backup file only in the legacy wallet.

We do suggest that all our users will change to the new seed-phrase app. The legacy app will be discontinued in the future, we do not have a timeline for when, but you will experience that slowly it will be stripped from features and functions. Meanwhile, the new wallet will get even more features.

I hope that will help. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Us again.


Concordium Tech Support