I can't get my backup file

I faced the following situation - I received a championship reward in my mobile wallet. But I can’t use it. You can see it in the screenshot. I can’t get my backup file. I can’t use the Championship rewards I’ve received by working hard (now i have access to my wallet and i can’t get the backup file).
Address: 2yjnZqNknjHZF6C9UqTUvnuCfMXRF573q8cU81NyHToYBb4vFF

Hi @jamalpay,

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I understand that the situation is frustrating.
Let’s see if we can help you out.

You say that you can’t get your backup file.
Does that mean that you don’t have any backups/exports of your wallet?
Also, which version of the wallet app are you running?

Please note that anything you write here is public. Should you need to share details that you don’t want to make public, you can always contact us at support@concordium.software.

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Thanks, I’m emailing support.to wallet version 1.3.34

Handled via the support email. Closing.

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