Identity cannot be restored in Web wallet extension

I created a corporate identity and generated several accounts to it using the Concordium Company ID tool.
When I try to restore the identity in the web wallet extension for Chrome, I get the message that no idendtity was found.
The seed phrase is correct as I have to use it in the Company ID tool.
Could you provide some guidance what else I can try?


Hello ed-umb,

Did you created the company ID for Mainnet or Testnet? Are you on the right “network”?

Best regards, Zoltán


As far as I know, the web wallet does not support company identities. For now, you’re limited to using the Concordium company ID tool to manage identities and accounts, along with the concordium client to interact with nodes on the corresponding chain.

What were you hoping to achieve by importing the seed phrase into the wallet? Maybe there is a workaround.

Receive and send CCD and setup a validator.
Eventually we may need to add liquidity. swap tokens and transactions as such.
I believe I can’t execute above actions with the company ID tool, can I?

Both for Mainnet. Rgds

Actually I don’t need to restore the identity, but individual accounts. But I didn’t find an option to do it in the Web wallet.

Currently to do these, you’d have to use the concordium client. It’s not a very user friendly tool when it comes to interacting with smart contracts I’m afraid, and interacting with dApps is not possible with this tool.

For sending and receiving CCD, setting up a validator it will be fine.