Identity verification failure using the default camera mode (broadcast) on iOS

Identity issuance with Notabene does not support the new default camera mode available on some recent iOS devices, i.e. live broadcast camera mode. Unfortunately, that camera mode is the default mode the selfie flow starts in and identity issuance fails consistently, even if you actually manage to take a selfie. The workaround is to switch to basic camera mode for your selfie.

On an iPhone 11 with iOS 14.5.1 and Concordium Wallet 1.0.4, the flow looks as below (where the post-it represents your face).

  1. After entering the default selfie flow, you are presented with the following screen in broadcast camera mode.

  2. When touching the screen, the control panel of the broadcast camera mode is shown.

  3. Leave broadcast camera mode by clicking on X in the upper left corner.

  4. Wait for the blue pop-up message “Camera not working?” and switch to basic camera mode. It can take a few seconds until the blue pop-up appears.

  5. Your screen in basic camera mode lets you take a selfie by clicking on the round button.

  6. If you proceed in broadcast camera mode, your screen will eventually show a selfie screen with an oval and/or a normal selfie screen but without the controls, i.e. the round button for taking the picture. Note that even if you manage to complete the flow in broadcast camera mode, the identity will fail with certainty.

Notabene/Onfido is working on a solution. Until a fix is available, please use the workaround to switch to basic camera mode.

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The issue is resolved.