IOS wallet download

I am trying to obtain a wallet on my Apple Iphone. I followed the download page to the Apple App store but it says that app is not available in my region. I am in the U.S. Is this the case? Also frustrated as the Ledger instructions didn’t work for me on the Windows desktop app. I was hoping to have this set up for the air drop scheduled for tomorrow, December 8, 2021, but things aren’t looking good. Any last minute advice would be appreciated.

Hi kgs123,

Welcome to the Concordium support forum. We’re glad to have you!

It is indeed the case that our app does not work in the US and that you can’t create an identity with an American ID document. The reason is that we are not yet licensed in the US.

In the case that you do have a non-US ID document, you should be able to change the AppStore region, download the app and create an identity.

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