Ledger Nano X? when will you add support for ledger X icluding PC and Mobile?

Why cant i create an account using ledger X on windows?? whats the dilemma? how long u guys need???

and this issue still exists i took a little break i thought its fixed but you devs good at keeping things

The selected file was an export from a Concordium Mobile Wallet. Exports from a Concordium Mobile Wallet are not compatible with the Concordium Desktop Wallet, and vice versa.

The delay is not with us, but with the Ledger, as we’ve explained in the other thread you posted.

The app exists, but since Ledger has monopoly on their store they need to approve it, and we do not control their prioritization. So the correct place to complain would be Ledger.

who takes 4 months to approve an App, ledger gone crazy?? let me approach them, i try

btw dont take it personal, i did not mock you, i mocked the 4 months. accept constructive criticism, its fair.

ledger listed dogecoin App the biggest shitty utility less meme coin, i wonder whats preventing them listing Concordium X App??

Hello Alien

That is a good question. We would also like to know that, since we are ready with the Ledger Nano X software since January…

Like my college mentioned it, we cannot force them:) So we could only ask you and we did with the previous users, whom were asking for Nano X support to write to ledger.

Concordium Tech Support