Module deployment failed: Module '....' already exists

What do you need to do to fix:

ERROR. “Module deployment failed: Module ‘728jbv6729…’ already exists”

Nothing. It means that the module already exist, so there is no value adding a new one. A module address is the hash of the module, so if the addresses are the same, then modules are as well (modulo hash collisions).

What are you trying to achieve? You can create smart contract instances from any module that exists on the chain.

I just needed to give the module another name when calling concordium-client “–name someothername”.

Sorry for wasting your time.

You did not waste any time.

If you just want to change the name you gave to the module locally then you can use the command

concordium-client module name 728jbv6729... --name my-module

You can also remove any local names with the remove-name subcommand.