Multiple nodes for same baker

What are the consequences of having multiple nodes running with the same baker keys? That would be an ideal solution to have a backup node.

This is a very bad idea since you are essentially acting as a malicious baker. Your two nodes will produce competing blocks, and will generally vote differently in finalization. They might be banned by peers, etc. Do not do this.

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Ok that’s clear. I’m trying a setup that minimizes node downtime, so essentially always having a node with baker keys online.

What’s the determining factor that says that a node is acting as a baker? If GetNodeInfo on Concordium-client reports that consensus is running and active?

Baker running: True
Consensus running: True
Consensus type: “Active”
Baker committee member: NodeInfoResponse’ACTIVE_IN_COMMITTEE

The determining factor is whether the node has been started with baker keys.

One simple way that would avoid significant downtime is that you have a node running as passive, i.e., without baker credentials. Then you do

  • stop the “active” node
  • restart the ‘passive’ node with baker credentials.

This would mean a minute or two of downtime, which is probably acceptable.