No Camera on Laptop to complete KYC for Desktop Wallet

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I was wondering how I can complete KYC without having a camera on the desktop I wish to sign up and set up on. A good feature would be a QR code link so that the user can set up a desktop wallet completing KYC via a mobile device.

Thanks all

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to Concordium Tech Support.

The easiest solution would be to buy or borrow a webcam that can be connected to your laptop.


Concordium Tech Support

In that case is it possible for mobile wallet hodlers to participate in baking/delegating stake?

It will be soon as our new Sirius release is out. So right about tomorrow on the 23rd of June;)

Remember to update our wallet app.

Regards, Concordium Tech Support

Awesome thanks Zoltan.

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Hi @Squanch,

The requested QR code is already a feature of our desktop wallet. At least for the DTS identity provider (and perhaps also Notabene, but I haven’t tried it recently), where you actually need to use a mobile device for taking the photos.

But as @Zoltan also mentioned, it will be possible to delegate your CCD via the mobile wallets once the new versions are released :blush:
For baking, you will need to run a baker node on a computer.

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Hi Kasper

Thanks for the detailed reply, it looks like delegation suits my level of laziness to avoid running and managing the requirements for a node! Looking forward to being able to on mobile for now DCA!

Just a thought would it be possible in the future to transfer “identities” and thus wallets from mobile computer

Hi @Squanch,

That’s great :wink:

I am not exactly sure about this. The issue is that the keys to your desktop wallet accounts are stored on a Ledger and never leave the device. This is quite different from how the keys are stored in mobile apps.
But you can always create a new identity and account with the desktop wallet and transfer your CCD from your mobile accounts. Or choose to keep some CCD on your mobile wallet for convenience and most of your CCD on the desktop for added safety via the Ledger.
In which case your mobile accounts can act as your spending accounts :blush:

Are you asking because you are considering becoming a baker in the future? Because that is possible with the accounts created on your mobile. For that you need to transfer your backup file to your computer and then import it with our command-line tool concordium-client. With the keys imported, you can then make your account a baker and setup the node for baking :blush:

There is some more information about import keys and baking with concordium-client here:

I hope that answers your question.
Have a nice day :blush:

/ Kasper

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Just a quick follow-up. :blush:

We are working on adding passphrases to the mobile wallets, which means that you would get 24 secret words when setting up your wallet, and all keys are then generated from these words. Similar to how it works with a Ledger device.
Identities and accounts created with this new functionality will be transferrable between the desktop and mobile wallets.

Best regards
/ Kasper

Hi Kasper

Thank you very much for the replies. I would look to become a baker in the future yes but havent sat down yet and looked at the technical requirements. The passphrase sounds awesome so you can bring your wallets and identities everywhere!!!

For now ill just wait for passive staking or delegation for the mean time on mobile!


Both iOS and Android wallet is out, so the delegation is available.

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