Node not appearing on network dashboard

It is possible that your node is running fine without appearing on the dashboard.

  • Run consensus status and then compare the finalized height and the best block height to the ones on the dashboard. If they are the same, or very close, your node is running correctly.
    • Windows: concordium-client consensus status
    • *nix/macOS: ./concordium-client consensus status
  • Run raw GetPeerData to see if your node has peers.
    • Windows: concordium-client raw GetPeerData
    • *nix/macOS: ./concordium-client raw GetPeerData
  • Check your nodeID on the network dashboard with<yourNodeID> and if it is reachable, it will show your information.
  • If you want us to investigate why your node does not appears on the dashboard, you would need to retrieve your full logs ( concordium-node-retrieve-logs ) and then upload them somewhere from where we can get them.