Serialization failed on init function with deployed contract


We have deployed a v1 smart contract to the testnet and create instances by calling our init function with a JSON parameter.

In this parameter we have a list of accounts. When calling the init function with a parameter including a list of accounts with more than 30 we get a Serialization failed error.

We do not get any errors when running with 30 or less accounts.

With more than 30 accounts the parameter JSON file gets above 2 kb. Is there some kind of limit on parameter size or something that might be causing this error?

Yes, there is a limit on parameter size. It is 1024 bytes (note that this applies to the binary serialization, the JSON representation is in general bigger).

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This is something the client should warn you about, but it clearly does not, so I’ll make a bug report.

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Alright, thanks for clarifying.

Is this something that will also be increased in the future or stay at ~1kb?

We have no immediate plans to change this although it is certainly possible it will change in the future.

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