Smart contract built for wrong net?


I’m trying to deploy my test piggy bank to the testnet, but I get the following error:

Status(StatusCode=\"InvalidArgument\", Detail=\"Nonexisting sender account\")

I’m pretty sure I have used cargo-concordium for the testnet, though this error makes it appear like I’m trying to deploy to the wrong net?

The contract itself and cargo-concordium are independent of the network. This looks like you are using an incorrect account to send the transaction.

Is your node up to date? Can you query your account using concordium-client?

The account has been used to transfer CCDs just recently, but I do have more than one node in play. I will try the other one, maybe that is the problem.

UPDATE: That was the problem, the node I was using had recently had problems and have had it’s DB somewhat reset to re-catch up. Apparently it wasn’t done with that. The other node worked as expected.

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