Staking with windows desktop wallet

I’ve just set up my windows desktop wallet and would like to stake some ccd. The instructions on the website are:

  1. Go to Multi Signature Transactions , select Make new proposal , and then select Update Delegation .

I can’t choose “Update Delegation”:

What can I do to stake my ccd? I don’t want to become a baker. :wink:

Hello DK21

If you do not want to become a baker, you have to wait until the delegation will be available on the Mainnet. At the moment it is only available on the Testnet.

The second option you have is to find a staking company like Northstake. You can contact them directly, to find out how is the staking process with them.


Concordium Tech Support

Hey Zoltan,

thanks for your answer. Is staking on Testnet only avalable for bakers at the moment? I’m a little confused, because when reading the information about staking on your website, I thought it’s not possible to be baker and staker at the same time.
When (approximately) will it be avalable on the Mainnet?

Kind regards, DK21

Hi DK21

You are not that wrong. Let me explain it in a different way.
Baker and delegation falls under staking (your are a staker in both situation).
If you make different account with your ID (as many as you want) you can be a baker with one account, and you can make a delegation with another one (but not with the same account).

Unfortunately I cannot tell you an exact date with the Mainnet deployment, concerning delegation. We are working on it…

Concordium Tech Support

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