Using a mainnet node on a server that already has a testnet

It seems that there are already similar discussions on the support, but I did not quite understand what exactly needs to be done

I have Ubuntu, on which a testnet node has been installed for a long time. recently (a month or two ago) a mainnet node was installed, which is displayed as working, but when you make a request to it from the outside, it refuses to respond. I understand that the problem is in the ports?

I created a similar discussion and I was told that I need to change port 10000, it can be blocked by a firewall, the question is how to unblock it?

This largely depends on your internet setup.
If your network is behind a router, then most routers have a feature called port forwarding. If you want to access port 10000 on your node from outside the network, you need to make a configuration that would forward requests from port 10000 from the router to your server’s internal ip address.

If your internet connection does not use a router, but comes directly to the server, then you need to make a rule for your firewall in the Ubuntu system itself.

I now have two servers, on one the project itself which makes a request to the server where there are two nodes

does it make sense to remove another server so that there would be a separate node for the mainnet? Or can these ports be easily configured?