Web3 - issuer of identity details

We are currently considering expanding our platform to support some of the web-3 identity functionality. Based on the information shared during the previous AMA session, it appears that Concordium will allow anyone to act as an issuer of identity details. As long as the issuer is trusted, any decentralized application (dApp) can query whether other identities possess specific identity attributes from that issuer. This process is akin to verifying whether someone is over 18 years of age but with a generic approach.

Regarding testing on the test-net, how much progress has been made towards developing an issuer of identity and query?


We are going to start the implementation on this after Easter, so no prototypes exist yet on testnet.

Okay. Please update once something is ready including how this will work in detail.

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Will do. Glad you are interested in this.

Hi, any update on this topic?

It’s in active development now, but we don’t have prototypes to share yet.

Expect we will have a showcase mid to late June with a release of supporting infrastructure such as wellets probably sometime in July.

Okay, thanks for the update. Sounds good!