What if my identity or document expired?

Hi, a few questions.

  1. Let’s say the wallet shows me that the expiration date of my identity is 2026. What will happen after that, can I extend the validity period by going through the KYC procedure again ? Will my existing account continue to work after re-KYC ?

  2. My identity will expired at 2026, but my driver license linked to it will expired in 2022. What will happen at 2022 ? Will i need to renew identity or will it still be valid until 2026 ?

  1. After 2026 you will not be able to create new accounts or credentials from the identity, but you can still use any accounts you already have on the blockchain. Renewal of identities might be possible in the future, but we do not have any details.
  2. Nothing will happen at 2022. Your identity is valid for as long as it states it is and you will be able to use it for creating accounts until it expires.
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