About how the parameters of calling the contract function are passed

and what is the content of the json as the parameter, is there an example? Where is the return value of the query method received?

I do quite not understand your questions.

The format of the JSON is documented in developer documentation Schema JSON representation — Concordium documentation

I do not understand what you mean by “return value of the query method”. Which query method?

For example, there is a balanceOf method in the contract, the parameter is the address, and the return value is the user balance, so how do I get this return value?

For reference (we discussed this in private messages).

The balanceOf function is provided with a callback name (see spec CIS-1: Concordium Token Standard - Interoperability Specifications )

That callback must be an entrypoint of your contract which will be invoked with the result. See concordium-rust-smart-contracts/lib.rs at main · Concordium/concordium-rust-smart-contracts · GitHub
for an example implementation of the method. As you can see it sends a message to the provided entrypoint.