Account Credentials proofs for nationality

In relation to proofs. Today, you can ask about nationality in account credentials, but unfortunately, very few have this field. For example, you will often need a passport to have it. What would you recommend we ask for if we want to know nationality or something to do with countries - based on what is already available in account credentials today?

Do you have a list of all the fields that are in use today and thus what we can ask for? Do you have a link to some kind of documentation?

A list of all account credentials can be found here

I don’t know what’s there for all nationalities, I guess only the identity providers have that information. But as an example, I have in my wallet an ID created from my drivers license and danish eID, and both of them include the “identity document issuer”. I don’t know whether that is a useful thing to ask in this circumstance though; that will be up to the individual use case to determine.

Hope this helps

Here is the challenge. We would like to be able to verify people’s nationality based off their account credentials. This is not a 100% exact science as that would require everyone to use only passports when onboarding. So, what is the second best. Well. As you point out, the second best is to look at who issued the document in the first place. That should give a pretty good hint as to where this person lives (yet, not their nationality). To do this, please help us design a request (aka provide documentation) that can show us:

“MitID-DK” (or whatever it is called) => issuer in Denmark

This way, if we want to welcome a user that has used a Texas drivers licens, we can know this ID is from the US, or a Vietnamese ID card, that it is from Vietnam.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking. With our API, you can build a combined statement comprised of multiple atomic statements (i.e. age > 18) to be proven. You can not, however, build a statement to prove either one atomic statement or another (i.e. residence = Denmark or document issuer = Denmark). I don’t know if this is the use case you’re looking for?

This means you need to rely on users being able to provide the whole combination of atomic statements consistently. If you’re required by law to only deal with people who are danish nationals, I guess asking for document issuer is not feasible.

If I completely missed the mark on the use case, could you please try to elaborate? :smiley:

Hi Søren, you answered my question, thanks, and I can conclude that we cannot use account credentials to ensure nationality. Also, you answered another of my questions (which we can look at in a separate thread), which is the ability to support AND/OR logic in proofs.

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