Baking and Payment

Hello, i have a baking node, running for 3 days now. When can I expect rewards ?

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Depends on your staked amount

Currently, it may not be worthwhile to become a baker with a relatively low stake. With the minimum 14k stake, you would expect to bake a block approximately 8 times per year right now. Currently the earnings from baking a block are around 268 CCD plus a share of the transaction fees. (Note that this is subject to change as CCD start to be distributed publicly and once listing takes place. Your earnings will depend on your own stake relative to the stake of all other bakers.)


Hi Pablo,

I’m interested to become a baker but I have some doubts. I appreciate if you could help me.

1 - What is the currently recommended CCD amount to worth be a baker beyond minimum 14k CCD?
2 - Are the rewards only earned by baked block or are there others rewards in addition?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Francis and welcome to Concordium’s support forum!

  1. I don’t believe we have an official recommendation about the amount of CCD you should use for baking.
    However, on page 26 in our white paper, you can read about expected RoS (Return on Staking) scenarios.
    You can then use these numbers to calculate how much CCD you would need to stake in order to cover the costs of running a baker and making a profit.
    As Thomas describes here, we are also working on a delegation feature, which you might be interested in.
  2. Page 25 in the white paper describes which rewards you receive as a baker.

I hope this answers your questions.

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