Become a baker using the Concordium Client

I cannot get the “script” on Become a baker using the Concordium Client — Concordium documentation to work, i.e. I cannot become a baker using the Concordium Client :frowning:

  1. I created a seperate baker account (non initial) in mobile wallet, and
  2. I am running a Win(10) node 3.0.1

Any ideas?
Thx, Tim

C:\Users\Tim\Downloads>concordium-client_3.0.4-0 config account import concordium-backup.concordiumwallet --name "Baker 1"
Enter encryption password:
Loaded the following account from the mainnet chain:
- keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke 'Baker 1'.
All signing keys have been encrypted with the password used for this import.
Note that accounts are not transferable between different chains, e.g., from testnet to mainnet or vice-versa.

Adding account keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke with name(s) 'Baker 1'.
Creating directory 'C:\Users\Tim\AppData\Roaming\concordium\accounts\keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke'.
Created key directory.
Writing file 'C:\Users\Tim\AppData\Roaming\concordium\accounts\'.
Added name mapping: 'Baker 1' --> 'keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke'.
The keys were successfully written to disk.

C:\Users\Tim\Downloads>concordium-client_3.0.4-0 baker generate-keys baker-keys.json
Enter password for encryption of baker keys (leave blank for no encryption):
Empty password, not encrypting baker keys.
Keys written to file 'baker-keys.json'. DO NOT LOSE THIS FILE.
To add a baker to the chain using these keys, use 'concordium-client baker add baker-keys.json'.
Public keys written to file ''.

C:\Users\Tim\Downloads>concordium-client_3.0.4-0 baker add baker-keys.json --sender "Baker 1" --stake 250 --out baker-credentials.json
Using default energy amount of 4572 NRG.
Adding baker with account keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke.
Initial stake will be 250.000000 CCD.
Rewards will be automatically added to the baking stake.
Allowing up to 4572 NRG to be spent as transaction fee.
Confirm [yN]: y
Error: Account keyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYkeyKEYke does not exist on the chain.

Hi and welcome.

This situation can happen if your node is not yet up-to-date. It takes a few hours (depending on your internet connection, and hardware) to catch up with the chain. Until that is complete the client, which talks to your node, cannot find your account since your node has not caught up sufficiently to know about it.

Can you compare the output of
concordium-client consensus status
in particular the

Best block height:           2166074
Last finalized block height: 2166073

whether they are close to what is listed on the network dashboard?

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