Can I get debug output in Rust when running tests?

For some reason I have lost the ability to run my test cases in debug mode in Visual Code. If anyone has any ideas about why this might be I am all ears …

Is there a way to run concordium tests such that they output print statements so I can track what is happening and debug my issues?

If you run tests using cargo test then yes, you can just insert prints and use cargo test -- --nocapture to see all the prints.

With cargo concordium test it is not currently possible to print anything.

Does ‘cargo test’ work with concordium smart contracts? If so, what does ‘cargo concordium’ test do?

cargo test does work, but it tests the contract when compiled to native code.

On the chain the contract runs compiled to Wasm. cargo concordium test runs the contract using the same execution engine as on the chain.

In particular this matters because Wasm is 32 bit platform (at least the variant we use on the chain). So there might be issues that only come up there.