Can we use the ID layer from private chain?

I’m just curious, but If we set up local chain and run it as a private chain, is there still room to connet the KYCed users’ ID or incorporate a process whereby accounts cannot be created without going through an Identity provider?

Yes, but you would then have to integrate your private chain with an identity provider as well.

You could try to make an agreement with idps such as Notabene, or if it is private, you could have some other setup for identity issuance.

Thank you for your reply.
It seems to go beyond the scope of the technical aspects and maybe need lots of funds…

So what about if running as a sidechain of Concordium chain.
Is there a way(possibility) to directly take advantage of the existing Concordium ID resources?

So at a technical level we have the following

  • the identity provider creates an identity object and sends it to the user. In the identity creation process the chain is not involved, so in that sense the identity is independent of the specific chain
  • However the identity is signed by specific identity provider keys, and is valid for specific cryptographic parameters.
  • If you want to create an account on a chain then to use an identity
    • the identity provider must be registered on the chain (the public keys must be registered there)
    • the cryptographic parameters must be the same (these parameters are set in genesis)
    • the anonymity revokers must also be registered (again, the public keys must be registered)

So it is possible to create a separate chain and use identities for mainnet on them.


Thank you again! Please let me ask one more question to make sure.

The identity itself, which signed by Identity Provider, is stored in the user’s wallet, right?
If that’s the case, as long as we can register providers and revokers on the chain, all users have to do is simply choose the network without having to re-register their real-world identity, am I correct?

Yes, the identity is stored in the user’s wallet. I think you are correct, yes. Although there would need to be some changes in the wallets to support choosing a network like this.

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