Cargo-concordium needs to be updated

The current version of Cargo-concordium is v2.0.1(document#cargo-concordium-v2-0-1), but this does not allow us to build the latest examples.
I assume this is because of this unreleased changes of concordium-contracts-common.
Is there any reason to make this unreleased or any plan to release a new version in the near future?

Hi @newsnow

We will probably not be able to release a new version, until the beginning of next week.
Until then, you can either build cargo-concordium from sources yourself, or checkout smart contracts examples from before the changes (the commit hash 0610dc59c9aed684881263dcf5dde8b1cf4f5520 should be fine).

If you build from source, here is the cargo-concordium repository (ATTOW): concordium-wasm-smart-contracts/cargo-concordium at main · Concordium/concordium-wasm-smart-contracts · GitHub
(Make sure to initialize submodules)

Thanks for the info.
I wanted to test the CIS0 implementation, so I built it myself and it works!