Concodium the getJsonRpcClient is know depreciated error facing the getGrpcClient

the getJsonRpcClient is know depreciated so i am using the getGrpcClient instead of that but when it goes to the accountinfo function its returns an error of bigint
like this if you have any idea about that please let know am also doing research about it and also applying some solutions but they dont work prefrectly as i am expecting.
the code is :
export const getCCDBalance = () => async (_, getState) => {
const { account, provider } = getState().connect;

if (!account || !provider) return;

const client = provider.getGrpcClient();
const blockHash = (await client.getConsensusStatus()).bestBlock;

const accountInfo = await client.getAccountInfo(account, blockHash);

return accountInfo.accountAmount;
the error is when the account parameter goes to the getAccountInfo is cannot convert the “my account address” to a BigInt ( at Inject.ts 13 ) I dont have the Inject file it is comming from the modules

I expect that your account is a string.

You should convert that to an account address using the


helper function.

Thanks for the support I really appreciate that.

When I resolve the balance issue the another issue I am facing is that it is giving the error in ConcodiumContractClient in invokecontract function because I use this
const client = provider?.getJsonRpcClient() || customRpcClient; so i resolve it with
const client = provider?.getGrpcClient() || customRpcClient;
but know when I am updating the Contract i face this issue while submitting.

Stale usually means that the nonce you are using is out of date or the transaction expiry time is in the past.

Is it from the blockchain or web frontend?

Is this error is from the blockchain or web frontend?

If it is after you submit then it is from the chain.

Yes basically when the concodium wallet popup comes when I click to the submit then it shows the stale so may be its not from frontend its from chain.

I am trying to send the transection while I wait for transection due to getJsonRpcClient is deprecated since i tried to do it with getgrpcClient still facing error the code is.
function _wait(provider, txnHash, res, rej) {
setTimeout(() => {
// .getJsonRpcClient()
.then(txnStatus => {
if (!txnStatus) {
return rej(“Transaction Status is null”);
}`txn : ${txnHash}, status: ${txnStatus?.status}`);

    if (txnStatus?.status === TransactionStatusEnum.Finalized) {
      return res(txnStatus.outcomes);

    _wait(provider, txnHash, res, rej);
  .catch(err => rej(err));

}, 1000);
with using getGrpcClient if a face this error
typeError:A.getGrpc(…).getTransactionStatus is not a function
If i use the getJsonRpcClient() i face this error
typeerror:A.getJsonRpcClient is not a function

I am calling it in this while I getting the Provider and txnhash
function waitForTransaction(provider, txnHash) {
return new Promise((res, rej) => {
_wait(provider, txnHash, res, rej);