Concordium Client 6.3.0 for Testnet and Mainnet

Concordium Client 6.3.0 was released and includes support for the following:

  • Breaking change: Change command transaction submit to submit already-signed transactions to the chain (transactions must now already be signed, e.g. with transaction add-signature).
  • Remove command raw SendTransaction.
  • Remove command transaction send-shielded to disable the transfer of CCD from the shielded balance of the account to the shielded balance of another account.
  • Remove command account shield to disable the transfer of CCD from the public balance to the shielded balance of an account.
  • Add command transaction add-signature to add a signature to a partially-signed transaction.
  • Add optional --out flag to all transaction-creating commands to output a partially-signed transaction to a file.

For details, see the release notes.

Download Concordium Client 6.3.0

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