Concordium-Client install

I try to install the Concordium-Client 6.2.1-0 for windows, it just shows me the help file in a flash in powershell and then close down.

In Dependencies I use
concordium-client = “6.2.1”

concordium-client is a command-line tool.

It does not have an installer on Windows, you simply run it.

I am not sure which dependencies you are listing it among. Can you elaborate?

Where have you placed the concordium-client on your system. I have to be in the folder where it is placed to use the tool in powershell.

Don’t use to much time on me, I have a 10 year plan to learn Rust, Haskell and Concordium in my spare time. AI and You-tube as my teacher.

The client should either be placed somewhere in your PATH, or you have to invoke it by pointing to it

If it is in the current directory then you can just invoke it as concordium-client. If it is in directory foo then you invoke it as foo/concordium-client.