Concordium Node 5.0.6 for Mainnet

Concordium Node has been released for mainnet in version 5.0.6.

This is a major release that supports protocol version 5 which implements smart contract upgradability and performance improvements. The protocol update will be effective on mainnet on December 13. The new node version also fixes a security issue in node version 4. Therefore, we strongly recommend all nodes to get updated as soon as possible after the node release and latest before the protocol update on December 13. Old nodes will stop processing new blocks at that point.

Please note that concordium-client v5.0.1 and cargo-concordium v2.4.0 are the versions that will support the upcoming protocol update.

For more details on the protocol version 5, please see the release note and concordium-update-proposals. For a status on the protocol update, follow our mainnet status page. The security advisory describing the security issue will be published on December 13.