Concordium Node 6.0.4 for Testnet

Concordium Node has been released for testnet in version 6.0.4.

This is a major release that contains support for protocol version 6. The main update in protocol 6 is the new Concordium BFT consensus protocol. The new protocol also extends smart contract functionality, with the main usability improvement being better support for sponsored transactions. For more details on changes and effects of the protocol update, please see concordium-update-proposals and our updated baker documentation.

The protocol update will be effective on testnet on August 21. Node runners must upgrade to version 6.0.4. before the protocol update to ensure that their nodes do not shut down. You can follow the status of the protocol update on our testnet status page. New versions of concordium-client, cargo-concordium, smart contract libraries and wallets will be released as well. The node release and protocol update on testnet are in preparation of a similar node release and protocol update on mainnet, which are planned for September 11 and 25, respectively.

Also, gRPC v1 is NOT enabled in any of the node distributions. gRPC v2 should be used. As a consequence of this the configuration option no-rpc-server and environment variable CONCORDIUM_NODE_DISABLE_RPC_SERVER, as well as default values of rpc-server-port (CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_PORT) and rpc-server-addr (CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_ADDR), have been removed. The V1 gRPC server is only started if both of these options are supplied.

For information on additional features and improvements included in this node release, please see our release note.