Concordium Node 6.2.3 for Mainnet

Concordium node version 6.2.3 is released for mainnet.

Version 6.2.3 removes the V1 gRPC API. This removes the configuration options CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_PORT, CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_ADDRESS, CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_TOKEN, CONCORDIUM_NODE_DISABLE_RPC_SERVER_NODE_ENDPOINTS and their command line equivalents. An additional health-check service was also added to the V2 GRPC API. This service conforms to the standard GRPC health service API.

As part of the tokenomics changes the node has new configuration options that use the new terminology. The existing options using the legacy terminology are still supported, however, they are hidden.

A DryRun endpoint has also been that allows simulating the execution of transactions.

The account map is now kept solely on disk in a separate LMDB database and it is no longer part of the internal block state database. This change results in significantly reduced resource usage for the node.

Updating to the newest node version is highly recommended.

This is the last planned node release for 2023.