Concordium Node 6.3.0 for Mainnet

Concordium node version 6.3.0 is released for mainnet.

The 6.3.0 release contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where GetBlockPendingUpdates fails to report pending updates to the finalization committee parameters.
  • GRPC queries are now run in dedicated threads. This improves node resource management and increases responsiveness of the GRPC server in cases of a high number of concurrent queries. To support this a new option --grpc2-max-threads (environment variable CONCORDIUM_NODE_GRPC2_MAX_THREADS) has been added, which specifies the number of threads that the node should use for processing gRPC requests. If not set this defaults to the number of (logical) CPUs.
  • The option --grpc2-max-concurrent-streams now defaults to 200 from the previous unbounded value. This makes the node defaults safer.
  • Startup time of the node has improved on all supported distributions.

Updating to the newest node version is not required but is highly recommended.

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