Concordium Wallet for Mobile for Android 1.5.1, for Testnet and Mainnet

Concordium Wallet for Mobile for Android version 1.5.1 is released for Testnet and Mainnet. The release is a maintenance release with bug fixes:

- Changing the restake preference is no longer blocked when the validator's stake is below minimum stake threshold.

- The token lookup failed if the balance or metadata is not available for any token. This has changed so the lookup only fails if the balance or metadata is missing for all tokens.

-  Now possible to search for CIS-2 token by ID on contracts with lots of tokens. Search for token ID will now return the result if the token ID is exactly the same as existing one in the contract. This is mainly to support adding tokens from contracts that have a large number of tokens.

- Correct environment value now written to the key export file

- It was not possible to edit validator pool commission rates in locales with comma decimal separator; this is now possible.

- When managing CIS-2 tokens all tokens were removed when only unselecting the visible ones; this has been fixed.

Please note that it might take some time before the new version of the wallet is available in your Google Play store.