Concordium Wallet for Web version 1.3.2 for Testnet and Mainnet

Concordium Wallet for Web version 1.3.2 improves functionality and fixes some bugs, including:

  • The CIS-2 token lookup no longer blocks choosing a contract if looking up metadata or balance only fails for some tokens.
  • The missing date for delegation/validation stake decrease/stop has been restored.
  • Changing restake preference is no longer blocked when the validator is below minimum stake threshold.
  • SendTransaction in wallet-api now supports bigint as part of smart contract parameters, fixing an issue with using large numbers.
  • Users can view their secret recovery phrase in the wallet settings if they need to write it down again.
  • Fixed a crash when the value in stake field was larger than a 64 bit integer when updating the stake.
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially block the wallet from loading or cause a crash if a third-party app blocked extensions.

Please note that it might take some time before the new version of the wallet is available in your Chrome extension store.