Concordium Wallet for Web version 1.6.0 for Testnet and Mainnet

Concordium Wallet for Web version 1.6.0 has been released.

  • Support creating accounts from Company IDs.

Please note that it might take some time before the new version of the wallet is available in your Chrome extension store.

The release notes are not very informative - what does this release make us capable of doing? Importing a company identity using the seed phrase and then creating accounts? Or something else?

The wallet did not support account creation from company IDs issued by the upcoming ID provider Global FinReg, (Only available on testnet for now, until we have completed testing), due to new attributes being introduced which are different from the ID of an individual.

What kind of attributes will be available using the new provider for Company IDs?

The company attributes are:

  • LEI-code
  • Legal name
  • Legal jurisdiction country
  • Business Number
  • Registration authority

Sounds good. Just to confirm it is currently possible to create company IDs and use the attributes on testnet?

It is available on testnet and you are welcome to give it a try, but we are still running tests with various wallets and some work is still left to be done.
Our browser extension is probably the most likely to work out at the time of writing.

Do you have any of the test case code available - preferably in Rust (for the reveal of the attributes). Currently Pending ID verification - great workflow they have.

Previously, with the old company ID, we got a JSON structure that could be imported into a backend wallet using the Rust SDK. Can we also export it like this with the new ID to include the attributes?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any examples for this.
You can export account keys from the wallet and use with the Rust SDK, but revealing the attributes is not supported at the moment.
However, the wallet will support creating zk proofs using these attributes.

Thank you. Do you know when revealing will be supported? Additionally, is anyone actively approving company ID’s for the test-net? We still see the status in the web wallet: “Pending verification with Global FinReg Testnet.”