Contract Size Limit

Are there plans to increase the size limit of contract? I have a rather large contract that is just below 512kB but I would like to keep it in one contract without adding the complexity of cross contract calls.

Is the size limit going to be increased in the near future?
What ist the justification of the size limit?

Thanks for some clarifications on this :blush:

There are no plans as of now to do so since we have not seen the need for it.

It would be good to understand what the needs are, and whether you have tried to reduce the size with the relevant compiler options already.

The reason for some size limit is that blocks and transaction sizes all have a limit so that we can bound processing times. The current block limit is around 3MB for example. The 512kB was deemed a generous enough limit, but of course it is not set in stone, although it does require a protocol update.

That makes sense. I think I have done all the size reduction options. Still, our business process engine takes up some space, also due to our chain abstraction layer.

I will see that I split contracts in that case. Thanks for the info.