Cryptographic parameters while trying to create identity

When attempting to create an identity using the Node SDK on mainnet, I’m encountering an error related to cryptographic parameters. Specifically, the error message indicates that there’s an issue with retrieving or generating the necessary cryptographic parameters,


Returns this error,
However this works fine on testnet.

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Hi there @Kizito
The error indicates that the client cancelled the query for some reason.

What endpoint are you using for mainnet node?
If you are using the one we provide for mainnet, it is important that you use a SSL connection otherwise the query will just hang which could cause the client to timeout and cancel.

These are the data we are using:

WalletProxyUrl :

Are you connecting to gRPC using SSL, for something like the web-sdk in NodeJS it could be something like:

new ConcordiumGRPCNodeClient(
        { timeout: 15000 }

This worked. Thanks alot