CryptoX import both types

I have been assured that CryptoX can now import both types of wallets, that is wallets using a file
Backup and wallets using a seed phrase.

Can someone confirm that it should be possible to import both types at the same time, ie first import using a file and then later import another wallet using a seed phrase (or vice versa)?

For the life of me, I can’t get this to work. I’ve activated my account using a seed phrase, but then the activation screen is nowhere to be found.


I can definitely confirm, upon opening the CryptoX wallet, you will meet a page “activate account”. Check the buttom part; "You can import your wallet with a secret seed phrase om a backup file here - import wallet "

I hope thet will help.

I know that I can import either a seed phrase account or a file backup account.

My question is: can I import both?