Deploying ID 2.0 Layer in Mainnet

We have created a platform that has ID Layer 2.0 integration. Now we are deploying our platform to Mainnet. Is there any possible way to host the verifier remotely and then access the url in the platform?

Which verifier would you like to host?

It is possible to run a separate service that is the verifier and exposes a simple API for checking proofs.

Concordium hosts one such for the web3id formats. DO you mean if there is already a service that does this for ID2.0?

We have built a verifier that checks for the proof, currently we are running it in our local server. We wanted to know the process of deploying it in any servers like Azure or any other VM’s. Since our UI is built on React, and the way we host it as a website, is there a similar way of hosting the Verifier?

So I can’t help you with azure specifics, and I don’t know how you built the verifier exactly, but it is just a normal service that you can deploy in a docker container I assume. It just needs access to a node which I take you have already set up.

So I’m not sure which specific issue you are having.