Docker error port already in use

The node may fail starting with the error

Error starting {..} proxy: listen tcp{PORT}: bind: address already in use

which can be remedied by using a different {PORT} than the default used by the node.

The ports used by the node are as follows:

  • 8888, the port for P2P networking, which can be set with --listen-node-port
  • 10000, the gRPC port, which can be set with --listen-grpc-port
  • 8099, the port where the node dashboard is available, which can be set with --listen-dashboard-port
  • 9999, the port of the gRPC proxy, which can bse set with --listen-grpc-proxy-port

When changing the mappings above the docker container must be stopped, reset, and started again. To reset the container either use concordiumn-node-reset-data or run the following in a terminal

docker rm concordium-client