EUROe in Smart Contracts

Hello support,

We are currently developing a CIS-2 Token and, due to certain events, we aim to distribute rewards to our token holders. Our preferred method of payment is in EUROe. Could you provide guidance on the optimal approach for this process? We speculate that it might be necessary to engage another smart contract to manage the EUROe payments.

The EUROe token will be a CIS2 compatible contract (that also supports CIS-3 (sponsored transactions) if you need it).

So distributing rewards will involve invoking the transfer entrypoint of that contract I imagine, and you’ll need to acquire some EUROe through their interface.

I don’t know if EUROe will have a programmatic interface for buying/minting new tokens in case you need that.

Thanks. I read somewhere that the EUROe CIS contract is already developed and also deployed. In your reply, it indicates that there will be some changes, or is the contract not yet ready?

No, I don’t think there are any changes expected. I’m just not sure whether they have officially finished or still in final testing. But I believe they are on mainnet already.

I assume there will be some documentation available on how to use it. Just to clarify, do we need to reach out to the EUROe team for guidance on its usage, or is support the right place to inquire?

@NHS thank you for your inquiry. As already mentioned, the EUROe contract is a CIS-2 contract with some additional like including role-based access management, if you are asking to mint EUROes based on some actions in your contract, yes you have to communicate with the team and sign some sort of an agreement to be able to manage the liquidity through their APIs you should provide some licenses like VASP or CASP.
I assume this is not what you need, if I understood your requirements correctly, you will just need to have some EUROes to distribute, which would not require any custom logic to use and involvement from their side. With the launch, we will provide multiple on-ramps where you can get the tokens using credit cards from those platforms. Please note that you will be able to buy it from Concordex as well. Soon some of the on-ramps will provide also the IBAN option instead of credit card for larger chunks.
If you want to take a look at the architecture of EUROe contract please check this out: Architecture | EUROe Developer Portal We will provide a testnet faucet and some additional material with the launch for our community to test. If you have more questions, I would be happy to have a call with you to discuss the best approach for your use case

Thank you. I will contact you to arrange a meeting as we get closer. But yes, we simply want to send EUROe to certain accounts, instead of CCDs. From want I can see that should be relative easy.

Could you provide a link to the CIS-2 EUROe smart contract’s source code? Also, what are the testnet and mainnet contract addresses?

Hey @NHS the smart contract will be publicly available with the launch -very very soon-, but the mainnet contract index is 9390 and testnet is 7260. Probably I shouldn’t have shared this :rofl: but you can use the testnet faucet to try in the following link.

Thanks! looking forward to the launch

No reason to hide, I’m already tracking the EUROe token on mainnet here on Concordium Explorer (based on contract 9390 ).

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I meant the faucet, of course, it is impossible to keep a contract a secret, right? :slight_smile: We love Concordium Explorer! :heart_eyes:

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LOL, completely misread that, and yes, keeping a smart contract secret seems pretty impossible.

It seems the release is complete. Please share the link to the source code for the EUROe Smart Contract.

Here you go

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