Exploring Integration with Concordium Web3 ID for Provenance Tags

Hello Support,

We at Provenance Tags have been exploring the Concordium Web3 ID for our corporate-focused solutions for some time now. Our testing shows good results, and we are ready to develop a working solution for one focus area of how we plan to use Web3 ID. We seek your technical feedback on its feasibility before proceeding with further development.

The core concept in this focus area involves an XYZ manufacturing company, which has a corporate identity/account on the blockchain, using a special CIS-4 Smart Contract to issue verifiable credentials (proof) that a specific item (identified by a unique product/item ID) was produced by them. This proof would be issued to the Provenance Tags corporate identity/account, similar to how a university issues proof that a student has passed an exam.

The process of XYZ issuing the proof to Provenance Tags will be automated through backend and batch services with integration between XYZ and Provenance Tags, eliminating the need for human interaction. If Provenance Tags is later asked to verify if the product ID in question was produced by XYZ, we can present the proof issued by XYZ.

From a technical standpoint, do you foresee any issues that might prevent this solution from working?

Thank you for your assistance.

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@NHS please reach out by@concordium.com and lets take a step further. We would love to assist you.

Thank you. I will get back on e-mail in few days.